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Managing your in-store and on-hold music/messaging has never been easier!

BPM™ • Business Pro Music & Messaging

BPM™ – Business Pro Music & Messaging  offers you an affordable, personalized music and messaging solution for your business. Whether you own a single location or have thousands of stores across the country, BPM™ is perfect for any size operation. Gain total control of all your BPM™ Players by accessing our web portal via the Internet or from your smartphone. Get the music you want and your messages heard….loud and clear. With a selection of over 40 music channels and counting, you will have no problem finding the right sound for your business.

Retail audio marketing such as BPM™ is quickly becoming one of the best methods in which retailers can communicate with their customers. In-store announcements or point of sale announcements are an effective method of promoting products and services to your customers. Using messages and music and the BPM™ Player, you can affordably and effectively cross-promote your products and services.

Our easy-to-use BPM™ Player can be controlled by your Head Office, from our studios or even from your smartphone while you are out of the country! This will enable you to automatically deliver and manage the style of music you want and when you want it. The BPM™ Player can also deliver store specific personalized messaging. Using the BPM™ Player, you can select the exact music channel that suits your business so every song is just what you want to hear. Interested in a custom music channel? We can build it for you!

The BPM™ Player is time zone-sensitive, and automatically starts and stops according to your store hours to ensure a consistent atmosphere. Using the day-parting feature, different music channels and messaging can be tailored to each location, and can also be programmed to deliver a range of music styles to set the tone for mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

As a BPM™ subscriber, you will receive access to all the features and benefits of the BPM™ Player… all for a fraction of the cost of our competitors. No hidden costs and all of the public performance and licensing fees are included. BPM™ offers a truly customized music and messaging solution for your business.

internet connectivity

Internet Connectivity

channel variety

Channel Variety

Dual-Zone Device

Dual-Zone Device

Easy Installation

Easy Installation

Reliable Back-Up

Reliable Back-Up

Licensing Agencies that Musicworks is affiliated with in regards to BPM™
  • ReSound
  • BMI
  • SoundExchange

Musicworks also has direct licensing of content from various Record Labels and Publishers in Canada and the USA.


  • 100% commercial free music channels.
  • 100% talk free music channels.
  • Ability to insert your own message content.
  • Scheduling of message content based on time of day, and days of the week.
  • Ability to automatically turn on and off the BPM™ Player based on store hours.
  • Ability to schedule multiple volume changes throughout the day.
  • Ability to control each of your BPM™ Players individually, or control all BPM™ Players at once.
  • Ability to have different message content playing on each BPM™ Player.
  • Ability to have different music channels playing on each BPM™ Player.
  • Access your BPM™ Players via the Internet from anywhere in the world.
  • Music channel day-parting. Schedule automatic music channel changes.
  • Ability to view the status of each BPM™ Player within your account.
  • Dual zone BPM™ Player. Two independent music and messaging streams per BPM™ Player for 2 zone applications such as:
    • Zone 1 – Background Music and Messaging, Zone 2 – On Hold Music and Messaging.
    • Zone 1– Background Music in your Restaurant, Zone 2 – Background Music in your patio.
  • Store and Forward (SAF) Ability to have multiple channels download to the BPM™ Media Player and play audio from “stored memory”. Internet is only used for downloading the content. Not for playback (Streaming)