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BPV • Business Pro Video 

Engage with your customers using our Digital Signage Solution

Every business needs advertising that resonates with its patrons. 

With BPV, you have the ability to connect with customers through visual content that forms the basis of the relationship between those customers, your products, and your brand.

  • Easily create & upload your own content or have our content creation professionals do it for you.
  • Wi-Fi capable Android player is compatible with your existing TV and can broadcast up to 1080p HD.
  • View remotely from any Android device.
  • Easy “DIY” installation or have our install team set everything up for you!

Industries Serviced:

  • Restaurant
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Corporate
internet connectivity

Multiple Split Screen Capability

channel variety

Wireless Internet Connectivity

Dual-Zone Device

Accessible from any Android Device

Easy Installation

Flexible Content Creation

Reliable Back-Up

Easy Installation


Select Your Favorite Hardware

BPV™ is a Digital Signage Service that works on many platforms. Our Content Management Service can be accessed from anywhere in the world using just a simple web browser. That allows you to control your content using any OS. Our player application is primarily Android-based and is compatible with Android KitKat+, Android TV, Amazon Fire OS and even with selected Chrome OS devices.

  • Built with robust Android SDK
  • The most cost-effective Digital Signage Solution

Use our Widgets | Applications for your needs

Choose from our wide and growing range of widgets/applications to make your layout even more captivating.
Keep the watcher intrigued with the BPV widgets and enhance your signage experience.

  • Live TV
  • Local Weather
  • Stock Viewer
  • YouTube Player
  • Google Traffic
  • PowerPoint
  • TV Twitch Player
  • Web Viewer
  • Google Slides
  • RSS Viewer
  • Text Boards
  • Calandar
  • Clock

Google Traffic

Let everyone know about the traffic in the neighborhood using this widget

YouTuber Player

Use YouTube video directly to your screen with just one simple click.


The PowerPoint widget will make your PPT file a part of your beautiful Signage layout.

Weather Viewer

Use a beautiful weather app lets you access weather anywhere on the planet.

Twitch TV Player

Run any Twitch stream live and stay up-to-date with the world.

Web Viewer

Add website links to your digital signage with this fast and responsive app running HTML5.

Stocks Viewer

Stocks Viewer helps keep an eye on the market in real time.

Live TV

The easy to use Live TV App will help you access major news feeds in real-time.

Google Slides

Simply add your Google Slides on your AVSignCloud layout directly.

RSS Viewer

Stay up to date with the world with the RSS viewer

Text Board

Inform your clients & employees about what you have got going on.


Use the Calendar in your AVSignCloud Layout today.


Let people know what time it is using our Clock widget.