ShopTalk™ V.4 by Musicworks

is a Professional Message On Hold product designed to manage all your on-hold messaging requirements.

Why Shop Talk™ V.4?

ShopTalk™ is a simple to use, effective means of letting your customers know all about you and what you have to offer. ShopTalk™ is a combination of messages and music, customized to meet your needs. Messages produced in our recording studio and accompanied by background music can be installed into the ShopTalk™ player (STP) by downloading from our secure web portal via the internet, or by means of a USB stick. This means that new messages can be produced and delivered to you very quickly.

Retail audio marketing tools such as “ShopTalk™” is quickly becoming one of the best methods in which retailers and businesses can communicate with their On-Hold customers. Using messages and music and the ShopTalk™ player (STP), you can affordably and effectively cross-promote your products and services.

All of our ShopTalk™ program options include:

  • Professional Script writing
  • Proofing/Script Approval
  • Professional Voicing
  • Licensed Background Music
  • On-Hold Equipment (On Annual Terms)
  • Price Protection (On Annual Terms)
  • 100% Guarantee
  • Quick Turnaround
  • Delivery via the Internet directly into the ShopTalk™ Player or by email and USB stick
  • Scheduled Reminders

Listen to Some Samples

Home Hardware English

Home Hardware French

Vianet Internet Service

Pan Pacific

Bayview Village Shops